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We want you to stand out in style that vibes with your values. Our versatile wardrobe essentials flavor your style with contemporary clothes that are made locally using high-quality, eco-friendly materials.

The Brand

Celesse Renee is a contemporary women’s clothing label committed to slow fashion with an upbeat style through modern and versatile capsule collections. Our clothing is locally made in small quantities using high-quality eco-friendly materials so you can stand out in fashion you feel good about.

Our Story

Authenticity runs deep into our design philosophy and identity. We are independent thinkers who deeply value creativity and design innovation toward circular and responsible practices. We are considerate of our impact and believe that clothing should be made to endure. We are committed to staying true to these values, without compromise. Through this mentality, we embrace quality products, source sustainable materials, and partner with local businesses that share our core values. We pride ourselves in our unconventional style and bold identity. With social responsibility and sustainability at the core of our being, we are here to cultivate a motivation for change. 

Design Philosophy

We embrace quality garments and deliver modern clothing with an innovative edge. Our design approach incorporates modern silhouettes, geometric design details, and a vibrant color palette that align with the visionary attitude, refined style, and playful personalities we possess.

About the Designer

Celesse is a fashion designer based in San Francisco who holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Academy of Art University. She started this brand with the belief that fashion, and the way we consume it, can change. She hopes to shift minds away from the ‘need for new’ cultural pressure that we have all felt at one point, toward more sustainable shopping habits. Through this lens, her design work focuses on creating slow fashion with an upbeat style through modern and versatile clothing that vibes with your values.


Everything we do started with the belief that fashion, and the way we consume it, can change. Through our work we want to spark excitement about quality vs quantity, lasting vs latest and timeless vs trending. We hope to change attitudes toward consuming and would be happy to inspire people to curate their closets with care, even if in some small way.




I'm Celesse, a fashion designer based in San Francisco who is passionate about to making style that vibes with your values. The idea began during my fashion program, where I felt overwhelmed by the endless cycle of fast fashion that lacked quality and longevity.

Motivated by the belief that fashion can evolve and our consumption habits can change, I began on a mission to craft sustainable clothing that offers a distinctive and fresh alternative to other slow fashion brands. This gave rise to the concept of slow fashion with an upbeat style. Within my collections, you'll find a blend of contemporary fashion, sustainable fabrics, and vibrant colors. Each piece is carefully designed with versatility in mind, ensuring you have effortless style options that emanate confidence.

I'm incredibly honored to connect with like-minded women who share an appreciation for fashion, sustainable style, and aspire to curate a thoughtful wardrobe. My ultimate goal is to offer you upbeat fashion that vibes with your values so you can look and feel your absolute best.




A growing number of individuals are recognizing the importance of incorporating slow fashion into their wardrobe choices. However, when it comes to finding fashion that vibes with your values and personal style, the task can be more challenging than it seems.

While fast fashion may offer convenience, it often comes at a high cost to both the environment and the people involved in making our clothes. On the other hand, slow fashion options, although mindful of sustainability, sometimes lack the contemporary style and vibrant colors that boost our confidence.


That's where we come in!

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